Sauna health benefits

Studies show a correlation between sauna use and added health benefits.


With the increase of your body’s core temperature comes an increase in production of white blood cells.  This is what happens when you have a fever, so using a sauna is a natural way of enhancing your immune system quickly and efficiently.  It helps your body fight run of the mill colds and flus.


Sweating in a steaming hot room is a great way to jump start your body’s natural healing process after or while you may be sick.  Whether it’s plugged sinuses, chest congestion or even bronchitis, the steam that comes from throwing water on hot sauna stones can do no harm and all good.  Relax and take deep breaths.


Endorphins are what give you that happy and calm feeling at the end of a workout, and spending time in a sauna produces them the same way working out does. That is one more reason why spending time in a sauna is a good way to unwind and relax at the end of a long and stressful day. Many sauna users say that regular sauna use helps with insomnia and ensures a better night’s sleep.


Being wrapped in a bubble of hot air is great therapy for sore joints and achy muscles.  A sauna is a good way to find relief from arthritis or sore and achy joints; it is a great for people with an active lifestyle to reward your body for reaching all the limits you push it to.


Spending time in the sauna heat relaxes facial muscle tension, removes dead cells, rinses out bacteria, and improves skin elasticity, leaving your skin soft, moist, and youthful looking. Often it gives you that sunny, bright “just-tanned” look all year long.


Another benefit of being in a sauna is that it naturally raises your heart rate, which in turn pumps your blood harder.  When your blood flow increases your blood vessels expand, which also raises your blood pressure in a healthy way.  This is the direct result of an increased heart rate, which makes for a healthier heart than before the sauna session. After you are done in the sauna, both heart rate and blood pressure begin to drop lower then before you entered the sauna, which results in a lowered blood pressure after a sauna session.


Sitting in a hot environment causes an aerobic effect similar to that instilled by a workout: your heart rate increases, followed by a metabolism rise which in turn burns more calories. Using a sauna regularly is a great addition to any fitness program, a way to keep things interesting and relaxing.

Note: it is very important to rehydrate after a sauna session, replacing any water weight you may have lost.

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I had a soulful sauna built inside another building. I absolutely love it! The quality of the wood and workmanship is top notch! I had maximum size requirements and Joel easily worked with my needs. I am a lifelong sauna enjoyer, and now I can fulfill my need for sauna peace and wellness whenever I’d like! Thank you, Joel, for a great job and a great product!


Plymouth, MI

Joel and Julie built our dream sauna! We spent years looking for the right builder for our wood burning log sauna. We had all sorts of ideas. They helped us fine tune the design guiding us through what works and what doesn’t in the kindest manner. We enjoyed the incredible level of craftsmanship, straightforward communication and could not be happier with our sauna! We highly recommend them!


Minneapolis, MN

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Helo Finnish made electric sauna that Joel installed in the basement of my house.  Thorough, well planned, organized, knowledgeable, skilled in carpentry, resourceful, prompt, considerate, reliable, clean, friendly, and dedicated all describe the qualities that Joel demonstrated from start to finish of our sauna project.

Joel has his bona fides!  Being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and of Finnish descent it was a delight to see Joel in his element building a sauna using the knowledge of his experience and heritage.  I enjoyed hearing the stories Joel told of the Friday night sauna tradition that he grew up with.  There is a true passion in his work. It comes through in the quality and care he gave the project and attention he gave me to assure I was satisfied. He showed up consistently and finished in a timely manner, but I never felt he rushed the work or cut any corners.

Joel took the time and drove the extra distance to locate the best building materials at the least cost: Cedar for the walls and ceiling and Poplar for the benches. The result was a well built sauna that uses authentic sauna materials and is a pleasure to see and sit in.

Here’s to my highest recommendation for Joel as he launches his sauna business!

Steve, Sittin' Pretty Farm