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Soulful Saunas can provide it all.

Soulful Saunas is your personalized sauna builder that can meet your every imagining.
Whether you want a full log sauna with a covered porch nestled into a peaceful place on your property or a tastefully crafted sauna in your basement near the family room, Soulful Saunas can build it to your expectations.

Saunas can be either indoor or outdoor

Outdoor Saunas  Outdoor Saunas are designed and built to provide a wonderful steam or dry-heat experience and still be able to handle the harsh elements of the outdoors. They will typically be wood fired with a separate changing room to allow for changing and cooling off during and after the sauna. An outdoor sauna can have extended roof overhangs to keep the elements away from the building and to provide shelter to the main entrance. Outdoor saunas can have electric stoves as well, for folks who prefer to experience the outdoors without having to deal with obtaining wood and feeding the wood stove.

Indoor Saunas Indoor saunas are typically built with conventional building materials and lined with the wood of your choice. Often cedar is used. They will have an exterior that is compatible with the design of your home. Usually, an indoor sauna does not have a changing room as you are inside your home and privacy is not an issue.

Our Sauna Stoves We use the Kuuma stove manufactured by Lampa Manufacturing located in Tower, Minnesota. This is the only wood-fired sauna stove that has been issued a UL rating. We also use Excel chimney components that have the highest safety rating of all Class-A chimneys in the industry.

In our indoor saunas, we use TyloHelo electric sauna stoves, made in Finland and Minnesota. TyloHelo has been manufacturing electric sauna stoves for 100+ years. They provide highly reliable, energy efficient electric sauna components.


Sauna Interior
Sauna Bench
Sauna heat rocks

 Outdoor Sauna Options

  • Full logs: “D” style, double tongue and groove, gasket sealing between the logs and long screws to secure the logs together.
  • Conventional 2 x 4 construction with mineral insulation, foil thermal barrier and a variety of interior and exterior material choices. Typically, we would use cedar paneling for the interior, primarily in the hot room and a type of pine in the changing room.
  • There is also choice on the roof design and roof materials.
  • Windows can also be added in the hot room and in the dividing wall of the changing room or in the doorways.
  • Add electricity for lights.
  • If you will bathe a lot in your sauna, then maybe add a floor drain or a concrete floor to manage water drainage.

Indoor Sauna Options

  • Can be in your basement, spare room or garage, anywhere that you have about an 8’ square area. Indoor saunas can be smaller although you will not have the ability to lay down flat if the sauna is less than 6 or 7 feet’ long.
  • Some saunas are rectangular so that one side is long enough to lie down.
  • Indoor saunas can be positioned near an outside door to allow access for cooling off and yet be private.

Other Ideas

Have an old shed in the back yard just taking up space? Or a vacant chicken coop in the garden or by the pond? What about extra space on your deck next to the pool?  All of these locations can be transformed into peaceful mind and body soothing saunas.


How much do saunas cost?

Sauna prices vary by design, so a range may be better. An indoor sauna with an electric heater can cost from $5,000 – $20,000 and an outdoor sauna would range from $8,000 to $30,000.

Can I put one in my house?

Yes, you can put one in your house in accordance with local building and fire codes.

How much will it cost to heat up?

A wood-fired stove is the cost of the wood whether you harvest it yourself or not. An electric stove uses around 8 kw of electricity, so local electric rates and how frequently you use your sauna would determine your electricity cost. Some people have seen only a $40 increase to their electric bill by using their sauna several times per week.

Sauna Interior
Sauna Bench
Sauna heat rocks

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I had a soulful sauna built inside another building. I absolutely love it! The quality of the wood and workmanship is top notch! I had maximum size requirements and Joel easily worked with my needs. I am a lifelong sauna enjoyer, and now I can fulfill my need for sauna peace and wellness whenever I’d like! Thank you, Joel, for a great job and a great product!


Plymouth, MI

Joel and Julie built our dream sauna! We spent years looking for the right builder for our wood burning log sauna. We had all sorts of ideas. They helped us fine tune the design guiding us through what works and what doesn’t in the kindest manner. We enjoyed the incredible level of craftsmanship, straightforward communication and could not be happier with our sauna! We highly recommend them!


Minneapolis, MN

I couldn’t be more pleased with the Helo Finnish made electric sauna that Joel installed in the basement of my house.  Thorough, well planned, organized, knowledgeable, skilled in carpentry, resourceful, prompt, considerate, reliable, clean, friendly, and dedicated all describe the qualities that Joel demonstrated from start to finish of our sauna project.

Joel has his bona fides!  Being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and of Finnish descent it was a delight to see Joel in his element building a sauna using the knowledge of his experience and heritage.  I enjoyed hearing the stories Joel told of the Friday night sauna tradition that he grew up with.  There is a true passion in his work. It comes through in the quality and care he gave the project and attention he gave me to assure I was satisfied. He showed up consistently and finished in a timely manner, but I never felt he rushed the work or cut any corners.

Joel took the time and drove the extra distance to locate the best building materials at the least cost: Cedar for the walls and ceiling and Poplar for the benches. The result was a well built sauna that uses authentic sauna materials and is a pleasure to see and sit in.

Here’s to my highest recommendation for Joel as he launches his sauna business!

Steve, Sittin' Pretty Farm